Compete for your high school in high-tech competitions and learn how to differentiate yourself at the country's largest technology event for high school students

Students compete for their high school and learn how to differentiate themselves at the nation's largest technology event for high school students. TechOlympics Expo is a high-energy weekend that puts students on the fast track to becoming an IT professional!

At TechOlympics Expo, students compete in high-tech competitions such as Speed Coding to Network Assembly Challenges and in fun, technology-oriented competitions like Speed Texting and Wikipedia Races. The high school team with the most points by the end of the weekend wins the INTERalliance Cup for the year!

Beyond the competitions, TechOlympics offers an extensive series of breakout sessions that offer glimpses into fascinating technology topics, such as How to Turn an App Idea into Your Business, the Technology Inside the Microsoft Kinect, or Cybersecurity Presented by the CIA. Further, TechOlympics offers high-tech workshops to help refine your programming skills.

Lastly, TechOlympics is the premier way to sharpen a student’s professionalism. At Career Fast Track, all participants are guided through a progression of sessions that encourage students to explore how to maximize their high school experience and how to best pick a college and a college major in order to help them land their dream job. Further, students can have 1:1 mock interviews with HR managers and professionals from local corporations to learn how to best showcase themselves to colleges and companies. At the career fair, students can talk with professionals from our 15+ sponsor companies to learn about potential summer internships or how they use technology.

Students stay overnight at the conference in the Millennium Hotel. Once the conference begins, students may not enter or leave the conference area, except to go to their room (with permission of their teacher). Men and Women stay in separate hotel towers. Throughout the conference, the adult volunteer corps of over 100 volunteers is aided by security professionals from a local security contractor.

TechOlympics Expo 2017 is February 24-26 at the Millennium Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati. Registration and more information can be found at techolympics.org.

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