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IT Careers Camp

About IT Careers Camp

Spend 1 week at a local university and take a deep dive into an IT Career pathway of your choosing. Learn from local professors, explore local companies, and experience life on a local university to see which career may be right for you.

Why IT Careers Camp

The IT Careers camp offers you a glimpse into university life in Cincinnati while also visiting local companies and exploring future career opportunities. Throughout the week, you work on a project with 4 of your peers to hone your technical skills and teamwork experience.

I met a lot of great people and made several great connections at the InterAlliance Careers Camps. I learned about a whole new field of technology and discovered what I wanted to major in at college. I am very grateful for the opportunities I was given by the INTERalliance IT Careers Camp.

Nick Maurer, Elder High School

My IT Careers Camp is the driving point behind my vision for the future and start of success. I gained crucial skills to help me create a resume, network with professionals, and use technology to solve problems. I gained insight into my college and career path, and was exposed to incredible opportunities that give me a competitive edge on my peers. I believe that IT Careers Camps changed my life, and I will be more successful because of it.

Ellie Puchta, Loveland High School
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