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TechOlympics is Cincinnati’s premiere technology competition and expo. Here, you’ll be able to spend three days competing with other schools in challenges ranging from programming to design to networking, with fun events like speed texting and the not-to-be-missed gaming throw down on Saturday night. You’ll also be able to get hands-on assistance with creating a professional resume and learning how to conduct yourself during a formal job interview. You’ll have direct access to Cincinnati’s best employers, many of whom will be looking for summer interns and future co-ops.

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About TechOlympics

TechOlympics is a chance to compete against your peers and hone your technical and professional skills. This weekend allows you to learn from informed leaders in the the IT industry, network with top level IT executives, and showcase your technological prowess in competitions and breakout sessions. This weekend covers every area of IT. From design, to gaming, to cybersecurity – TechOlympics explores which IT pathway is right for you.

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TechOlympics 2016 was the first exposure I had to INTERalliance. Those three days are what started my current journey as Branding Chair of INTERalliance Leadership Council. Prior to TechOlympics I had no idea how involved I could get with the professional community of Cincinnati, but now It’s a part of who I am. TechOlympics is a three day summation of INTERalliance that will leave anyone wondering how they can get more involved with the great community that INTERalliance has fostered over the past seven years.

Richard Giang, Lakota East High School

Before going to Tech Olympics I was unsure of what career path I wanted to pursue. I was taking an introductory computer science class but I didn’t consider it as a serious job path. However, after interacting with professionals like the CIO of GE Aviation and a computer scientist at NASA’s Glenn Space Center and seeing all of the possibilities that are available in technical fields I was convinced. I now intend to major in computer science and I attribute it all to Tech Olympics and INTERalliance.

Griffin Noe, Lakota East High School