Cybersecurity Month – 2nd October Content Packet

School/Organization: INTERalliance

It is October which means it is time for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! This month INTERalliance will be sharing some of our favorite resources for learning about Cybersecurity with your school’s chapter!

Targeted Attack: The Game

This interactive video story pits you as the CTO of Fugle,
a fictional tech company. Throughout the story you
will be required to make strategic decisions about the
cyber security practices at your company. Each of your
choices will have consequences so choose carefully. This
activity provides a good simulation of the security choices
you would have to make on a daily basis in a business


picoCTF is a free computer security game with original
educational content built on a capture-the-flag framework
created by security and privacy experts at Carnegie Mellon
. Gain access to a safe and unique hands on
experience where participants must reverse engineer,
break, hack, decrypt, and think creatively and critically to
solve the challenges and capture the flags.

Security Feud is a cyber security themed version of the
popular TV Game show, Family Feud
. This is a great game
to play if you want to have an engaging meeting. This
game is perfect to add some fun to your meeting and
help review your chapter’s knowledge of cyber security
principles. Sadly this game is only compatible with
PowerPoint and not Google Slides. (If you wish to host this
at your meeting and do not have access to PowerPoint
email Kevin Long and we can figure something out)

CyberStart Go pits you as a secret agent
tasked with finding intel about various gangs
and hackers. There are a series of challenges to
complete which become increasingly difficult
as you progress through the game. Upon
completing each challenge, you will be given
a secret code which will allow you to move on
to the next challenge. You (the agent) have 60
minutes to complete all the challenges and
bring peace to the cyber security world.

OverTheWire’s Wargames

Overthewire’s Wargames feature a range of levels made
up of challenges and puzzles designed to teach and
test you cyber security concepts and techniques. These
challenges start off easy but can get rather challenging
later into the game. This resource is only recommended to
those with more experience. Access to a terminal will be
required to complete this game. (You can use a bash repl