2021 IT Careers Camps

About IT Careers Camps

IT Careers Camps are summer camps designed to expose students to the incredible opportunities in IT while introducing them to the life and culture at local universities! Traditional IT Careers Camps are designed to expose students to a broad variety of IT skills, while our themed camps cover specific skills like cybersecurity or game design. Regardless of the camp, students will receive visits from influential companies in Cincinnati, learn IT skills in partnership with local universities, and make new friends from around the region! Camp sessions will run throughout the month of July, with in-person, virtual, or two-day sessions offered.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, all camps are day camps this year (no overnight stay). Lunch will be included for all camps.

Scholarships are available for interested students worried about the cost. Interested parties should fill out the provided form for more details.

Dates and Prices

Miami University | July 6th – July 10th

Fully Virtual Format

Theme: Game Design

Cost: $200


Thomas More | July 8th – July 9th

New 2-Day Format On-Campus

Theme: Standard ITCC Camp (tentative)

Cost: $80


Xavier University | July 12th – July 17th


Theme: Standard IT Careers Camp

Cost: $200


Cincinnati State | July 13th – July 14th

New 2-Day Format On-Campus

Theme: Standard ITCC (tentative)

Cost: $80


UC Lindner | July 19th – July 24th


Theme: Standard IT Careers Camp

Cost: $200


Northern Kentucky University | July 26th – July 31st


Theme: Cybersecurity

Cost: $200

Challenge Overview

During camp (except for the two-day camps), students will collaboratively work on a technology project. At the end of camp, this project will be delivered to a panel of judges.

Student Rules and Expectations

Working with Sponsors

  • Be grateful. Sponsor companies pay for almost 90% of the cost of the IT Careers Camp.
  • Be kind. Businesses are visiting during their workday. This means they are letting us borrow their employees for the day.
  • Be respectful. Behave like you would in a library. Use appropriate volume and actions.
  • Be attentive. Pay attention when others are speaking and value what they say.
  • Be interested. The sponsors are here to help you, ask them questions and listen to their feedback.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Be respectful
  • Be courteous when working on your TIDE project
  • Ask camp counselors before leaving any building
  • Be on time, our schedule is tight
  • Stay with your team while working on your TIDE project
  • No cursing
  • No talking during presentations
  • Ask questions
  • Be professional

Student Contact Contract

The Student may bring a personal cell phone, but must limit use during daytime program hours of 8am to 5pm each day to incoming calls from family members for true family emergencies. Any other use of cellphones during daytime program hours, including use of the device for “texting” or email, is prohibited UNLESS SPECIFICALLY DIRECTED BY INTERALLIANCE STAFF and may result in confiscation of the cell phone by INTERalliance staff until 12pm Saturday dismissal.

The Student will only utilize laptop and desktop computers issued for use during the Program in approved ways. The Student will not at any time utilize the provided equipment to visit online eCommerce sites (Amazon, etc.) or adult content sites of any kind. The Student will only utilize social networking sites (e.g., Facebook) or entertainment sites (e.g., YouTube) when directly authorized to do so by INTERalliance staff as a part of program activities. Unauthorized use of provided computers will result in disciplinary action up to expulsion from the program at the sole discretion of INTERalliance staff.

The Student will use an appropriate level of care to ensure no damage occurs to the laptop computer issued to him or her on their first dy. If the issued laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged due to the negligence or willful misconduct of the Student, the Student and the Student’s parent/guardian will be liable for the replacement cost of the lost, stolen or damaged equipment (estimated replacement cost: $1,000), payable to the INTERalliance who will reimburse the host university.

At no time will the Student enter the rooms, dormitory wings, or any other section or building of the campus deemed off-limits to the students by INTERalliance staff. The Student will remain on campus and with his/her INTERalliance teammates at all times during the program, except as approved directly by INTERalliance staff and documented in the approved “Special Request Form for Evening Campus Leave” form (included in this registration packet).

Note: This document was electronically signed by both you and your parents thus binding you to the standards aforementioned.

Emergency Contacts

Northern Kentucky University

  • University Police (Non-Emergency) 859.572.5500
  • Facilities Management (Business Hours) 859.572.5660
  • Facilities Management (Evenings/Weekends) 859.572.5584
  • Safety & Emergency Management 859.572.6533 or 859-572-6528


  • Xavier University Police 513.745.1000
  • Non-Emergency Number 513.745.2000

University of Cincinnati

  • Non-Emergency: 513-556-1111
  • NightRIDE: 513-556-RIDE


  • Executive Director Heather Ackels – 513.415.7707

For all emergencies, call 911.

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