Chapter Recognitions

Throughout the year, Chapters will be recognized for their efforts.  Descriptions and previous winners are below.

Award Descriptions

INTERalliance Chapter Honoree:

Given to Chapters that attended at least 75% of the INTERalliance Chapter Events.

Most Winning Chapter:

Determined by the number of times chapters placed in the top three during the Chapter Competitions and Showcase.

Chapter of the Year:

This prestigious honor is determined by the summation of points from the preceding categories and the Chapter of the Year embodies students who are fully engaged and passionate about their future’s in Technology!  First place is granted a $200 prize!

2019-2020 Award Winners

INTERalliance Chapter Honorees
  1. Walnut Hills High School
  2. St. Henry High School
  3.  St. X High School
Most Winning Chapter
  1. Walnut Hills High School
  2. St. Henry
Chapter of the Year
  1. Walnut Hills High School
  2. St. Henry High School
  3. St. X High School

2019-2020 Competition Winners

October Winners:

  1. Milford High School
  2. Moeller High School
  3. Walnut Hills High School

February Winners:

  1. Elder High School
  2. Walnut Hills High School
  3. St. Henry High School

March Winner:

  1. Walnut Hills High School

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