Chapter Showcase Projects

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Showcase Winners

  • Winner: Seven Hills
    • Software Application for Deaf/Hearing Impaired to Experience Music for Better Quality of Life
  • 2nd place: Saint Xavier
    • Third Eye
  • 3rd place: Walnut Hills
    • Walnut.Direct: GPS-Free Navigation in a Building
  • 4th place: Loveland
    • The Smart Classroom Initiative
  • 5th place: St. Henry
    • Check In Kiosk

Showcase Overview

Each school will have 20 minutes to setup and present their project. One scoring rubric will be provided for each judge per project. Scores will be collected and compiled to determine the Showcase Winner (which is announced early Sunday afternoon).  Feedback will be distributed to each project team the week following TechOlympics.

Scoring Guidelines
Scoring Rubric

Below you may view information about each showcase that students submitted in their application. Note that these are provided only as summaries to introduce you to teams’ projects and should not be judged in any way.

Showcase Project Summaries

Elder High School

Project Name: Star Six Seven – Anonymous Counseling App
Project Category: Innovative Programming
Project Description: The purpose of our project is to provide a way for troubled students to get anonymous counseling from their school’s guidance department. The way we are implementing this is by creating a cross platform desktop app that can come preinstalled on students’ computers. We expect this to be an easy way for students who want help but are too afraid to get it, receive the help they need.

Larry A. Ryle High School

Project Name: Joy/0
Project Category: Innovative Programming
Project Description: This project is a puzzle-based video game designed to provide an experience which will give a new perspective, one which teaches us to value what we are given. Therefore allowing the player to walk away with the knowledge that we don’t have to wipe our minds for enjoyment and shouldn’t break ourselves just to get a kick out of life.

7 Hills

Project Name: Software Application for Deaf/Hearing Impaired to Experience Music for Better Quality of Life
Project Category: Stem Miscellaneous (robotics, hardware, etc.)
Project Description: “A program that takes music input and translates the feeling and emotion expressed in the music into a visual display of colors that express the same emotions as the music. All achieved in real time with little to now latency. This project will help the deaf and hearing-impaired have an alternate way of appreciating music. The hope is to have the project be used in music therapy or other educational applications to help the deaf and hearing impaired appreciate music and have chance to experience music. “

Saint Xavier High School

Project Name: Third Eye
Project Category: Stem Miscellaneous (robotics, hardware, etc.)
Project Description: Our showcase aims to fill a void in visually impaired navigation technology by creating a wearable, affordable headset that uses ultrasonic sensors to allow blind people to navigate their surroundings more easily. 

Our strategy was to focus on three main selling points that will make 3rd Eye better than all the rest, rather than try and make everything about 3rd Eye superior to the competitors. The three main points were: affordability, convenience, and aesthetics. All decisions were based off of improving 3rd Eye in one of these aspects. In terms of beating competitors in these three areas, we believe to have succeeded. (However, there is still much that we can improve upon in the future.)

The projected outcomes for 3rd Eye are the creation of a navigation device that places much less burden on the visually impaired in terms of both cost and functionality. We plan to keep working on 3rd Eye after Tech Olympics, and hope to eventually make it into a product that can actually help people who struggle with blindness in the real world.

Milford High School

Project Name: CVLMER
Project Category: Innovative Programming
Project Description: Our group designed an innovative VR experience for the two hemispheres of mindfulness: exposure therapy and a zen experience. Within the exposure half, the goal is simple: face your fears in small increments to help handle the stress that comes along with it. Second, the zen experience: unwind and find a place to relax in today’s non-stop, no-rest world. The goal of these contrasting environments is for us to take a step back and better understand ourselves. It’s all too easy to get swept away in a crowd of to-dos and expectations, but why carry that stress into our leisure time? We hope to reduce the stress of those afflicted by common fears, and to help others–whether it is in a home setting, a professional setting, or even in our school’s counseling office–unwind and appreciate life as it is.


Project Name: Cincy Culture
Project Category: Digital Design
Project Description: The global rise of xenophobia shows that people distrust each other because they don’t know each other, and don’t know enough about each others’ culture, history, myths, lifestyle and traditions. Our website, “Cincy Cultures”,  is created to change that for Cincinnati. It will introduce various ethnic groups living in Cincinnati and their cultures, food, music, and dances, to Cincinnati residents. It will help to build bridges between them, and it will encourage you to try the various food, contribute to the forum, learn more about each other, etc. 

It will also provide the economic reasons why it is critical for Cincinnati to become a welcoming, global city of the 21st Century. 

Saint Henry District High School

Project Name: Check In Kiosk
Project Category: STEM Miscellaneous
Project Description: At the beginning of the school year, we were approached with a proposition to work on a project from scratch that will make the lives of our faculty in the front office easier. The project we decided on was our log in kiosk for the front office. This program will allow students to check into school when arriving late, and check out of school when leaving early without inconveniencing the staff of the front office. This allows them to go throughout their day with less distractions by automating a repetitive process.

Loveland High School

Project Name: The Smart Classroom Initiative
Project Category: Activate
Project Description: We’ve set out to solve a few inefficiencies we’ve seen in ours and many others’ classrooms. We will start this by activating the modern classroom with digital classroom hall pass tracking. Smarter clocks to give not only a unified time throughout the building(s), but also bite sized announcements allowing students to be more aware of school emergencies, and more active in school events.

Warren Country Career Center

Project Name: Fender Bender Ender
Project Category: Stem Miscellaneous (robotics, hardware, etc.)
Project Description:Our project is meant to protect a driver from getting themselves into rear end collisions by setting an alarm off when the driver is approaching another vehicle too quickly. It’ll be mounted on the inside of the driver’s windshield.

Walnut Hills High School

Project Name: Walnut.Direct: GPS-Free Navigation in a Building
Project Category: Innovative Programming
Project Description: We are creating an app to give students directions from one room to another in our school. This app will be very useful for new students who are in an unfamiliar school and need to get from one room to another in the school. Students can type the names of two rooms into the website or choose from a dropdown menu. The app then gives them detailed, step-by-step directions from one room to the other. We also included a page where students can input their schedules so that the app can give them directions between their regularly scheduled classes.

We have generalized our app so that anyone can make a similar app for another building, such as a hospital.

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