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INTERalliance is incorporating a competition across schools. Whichever INTERalliance Chapter raises the most money will receive $500 for Chapter-related use.
Although attendees do not have to donate to participate in the event, they are encouraged to have friends and family support the mission if possible. Every $25 donation will enter them into a raffle for great prizes.

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Play and stream games to help local kids! Presented by ZeroDay and INTERalliance.

Register to pick a timeslot to either be randomly shown on the ZeroDay stream or to be guaranteed a spotlight at a specific time!


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(Overwatch, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Valorant)

What is Extra Life?

In 2008, Extra Life started as a local fundraiser, in legacy of Victoria Enmon for Texas Children’s Hospital, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital where she received treatment for cancer. In 2010, Extra Life became an official Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® fundraising program and began benefitting 170 children’s hospitals throughout North America. More than 50,000 gamers unite each year to play games for 24 hours to raise critical funds that impact pediatric care in their local communities.

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What is Game DAy?

ZeroDay Technology Solutions and The INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati have partnered to support the worldwide Extra Life Game Day initiative by creating a virtual, Cincinnati-wide gaming event for those interested in giving back to their community. By pledging to play video games for a full 24 hours, attendees raise money to support children supported by the Children’s Miracle Network. Started in 2008, Extra Life Game Day began as a mission to unite gamers in support of their region’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since the event’s inception, participants have raised over $70 million dollars for children. Gamers who join ZeroDay’s Cincinnati team for the 2020 event will be raising money for the Children’s Hospitals COVID-19 Impact Fund alongside other worldwide participants.

The event begins globally November 7th . However, INTERalliance and ZeroDay have created a special structure for Cincinnati attendees. The fully-virtual event will start at 8:00am with a kick- off introduction from INTERalliance and ZeroDay, and from then on will alternate between
tournament streams, raffles, and community-wide commentary for twenty four hours.

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Stream Schedule Nov. 7

Time Streamer Game(s) Played
8:00 AM N/A N/A
8:30 AM GiG_Haze Neverwinter
9:00 AM GiG_Haze Neverwinter
10:00 AM HesAPhant0m N/A
11:00 AM TheCanadianPuffin Apex, Overwatch, Valorant, Titanfall
12:00 PM SireSmiggle LoL
1:00 PM Umminator WoW, Among Us, Magic the Gathering
2:00 PM ConRivals Minecraft, Smash Bros
3:00 PM GiG_sm0ke Smite
4:00 PM TitaniumOrng Minecraft
5:00 PM SpyGuysGaming Minecraft, Among Us
6:00 PM PamdaBear86 CoD, Warzone, Plunder
7:00 PM Umminator WoW, Among Us, Magic the Gathering, Phasmophobia
8:00 PM luigiguy08 Casual Games (Cards, Board Games)
9:00 PM DaddyKaii LoL, Valorant
10:00 PM TheCanadianPuffin Apex, Overwatch, Valorant, Titanfall
11:00 PM gigchucotown LoL, Smite, Overwatch, CoD, Apex

Stream Schedule Nov. 8

Time Streamer Game(s) Played
12:00 AM cybercrawler1337 Overwatch
1:00 AM cybercrawler1337 Overwatch
2:00 AM SireSmiggle Apex, Destiny 2
3:00 AM GiG_sm0ke CoD
4:00 AM GiG_Haze CoD
5:00 AM ElricKingoftheStars Minecraft
6:00 AM DaddyKaii LoL, Valorant
7:00 AM DaddyKaii LoL, Valorant


When does the Game Day Take Place?

The Game Day is a 24 hour stream starting at 8 AM on November 7th and ending at 8AM on November 8th.

Is There Any In Person Event This Year?

We’re entirely online this year.


Where Can I Watch The Event?

Either in an embedded stream here on this homepage or on the ZeroDay Twitch stream on November 7th.

How Do I Participate?

Join the ZeroDay Extra Life team, raise money, and if interested sign up as a streamer or for a competition using the options above.

Is There a Price To Participate?

No registration fee, but this is a charity event to help the Children supported by the Children’s Miracle Network so consider donating and raising funds.  Every $25 raised enters you into the raffle to win different gamer friendly prizes!

Are There Any Restrictions On What I Can Play?

In order to be featured on the main stream, you must be playing games rated Teen or below. Essentially, nothing rated Mature or above.

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