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Girls In Stem 2019


Procter & Gamble and Ernst & Young will deliver a full day Girls in STEM event in partnership with 4Space and INTERalliance.


The event will host 200 junior high and high school women at each event, targeting underserved students, in an all-day workshop to build a rocket. We will work with schools to identify students and get the students to the event. Chantelle Baier will lead the instruction. Students will arrive and sign in during a breakfast and networking session. We will form teams of 4-5 students and do team-building. Each team will build a rocket. We will have snacks in the morning and afternoon. During the day we will have a panel discussion during which the students will interview women in STEM. We will have a diverse panel – mix of company top leaders as well as some relatively new university graduates representing multiple STEM disciplines and current university students.


November 20th!


In five countries (US, Philippines, Costa Rica, Singapore, Poland) targeting 200+ students per site.

The Cincinnati event will be held in the Cincinnati Museum Center while the Smithsonian exhibit Destination Moon and Omnimax film is shown.


While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that technology professionals will experience the highest growth in job numbers between now and 2030, only a fraction of girls and women are likely to pursue degrees that enable them to fulfill these new jobs. A study by the American Association of University Women found that among first-year college students, women are much less likely than men to say that they intend to declare a STEM major. By graduation, men outnumber women in nearly every science and engineering field. This contributes to a serious gender gap in lucrative STEM careers, like web development and engineering. The reasons range from peer pressure, to a lack of role models and support from parents as well as teachers, to general misconceptions of what STEM careers look like in the real world. We invite you to join us in working to reverse this trend. The event will put a solid foundation in place and form relationships with schools on which future events in the year can be built with even more impact by providing a fun, encouraging and safe environment for girls to explore STEM.