Git and Github – October 3rd Content Packet

School/Organinzation: INTERalliance


Git is the most popular version control system and GitHub,

the most popular place to host and share those Git

repositories. Over 2.9 million businesses and 50 million

developers worldwide use GitHub, so for job seekers,

proficiency is a must. With Hacktoberfest this month we

want to share some resources to help your chapter learn

how to use Git and Github. Later in the year we will host

GitHub workshops, but if your chapter wants to participate

in Hacktoberfest you are going to want to learn now.

Here are some of our favorite resources for learning to use

Git and GitHub:



GitHub Explainer Video

Introduction to GitHub

First Week On GitHub


Command Line Git

Host Your Own Workshop:

MLH Localhost GitHub Workshop

This month we want to help highlight Hacktoberfest, an
excellent community sponsored event. Hacktoberfest
is a month-long celebration of open-source software,
and it is a great event for people of all skill levels. By
participating and completing 4 pull requests to GitHub
repositories labeled “hacktoberfest” throughout the
month of October you will receive a free limited-edition
t-shirt and stickers.

Here are some good places to find issues:

Awesome for Beginners
First Timers Only

Code Triage
Help Wanted GitHub Issues
Hacktoberfest GitHub Issues
Up For Grabs