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INTERalliance’s mission is to expand Cincinnati’s IT talent pool. The IA Network is the initiative that focuses on college talent and placing these students within Cincinnati. We have the unique advantage of having direct contact to hundreds of IT students who either go to local colleges or are from the area but attend a college out of state.

Major Categories

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Ty Wahlbrink - IA Network Alumni

“Until I got involved with the INTERalliance in my sophomore year of high school, I was set on jetting to the coasts for college and my career.  IA helped me figure out I could marry my knack for math with the opportunities in technology to build a data analytics career.  My connections with INTERalliance companies led me to intern with Fifth Third Bank, where I now work full-time in their Quantitative Leadership Program following grad school. “

How We Connect

We communicate with our talent through…

  • Newsletters
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Website


And promote…

  • Local career opportunitites
  • IT related events/conferences
  • Benefits of living in Cincinnati
  • Ways to advance technical skills


If you are interested in promoting your opportunities to this talent, having more direct contact by receiving a curated list of resumes, or want explore other opportunities to get involved, please fill out the form below and one of our career outreach board members can work through what works best for your organization.

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