The INTERalliance Network is a group of like-minded college students centered around taking advantage of the Greater Cincinnati area’s network. We focus on IT related fields including Computer Science, Business Analytics, Information Systems, Computer Engineering and more. Our goal is to promote co-ops, internships, and full-time positions in Cincinnati as well as communicate the benefits of living in this community and the growth potential of IT in the region. This network is open to any college student interested in technology so check out our job site and get updates by following us on our social media sites.

If you are a company that is interested in taking advantage of our network or promoting your job opportunities on our job board, check out our talent page.

IT Careers & Companies

Our alumni have joined a wide variety of companies, especially in Cincinnati. This gives the INTERalliance a unique advantage with a diverse network. If looking for a full-time position, co-op, internship, browse our job board or see the companies our alumni are located and reach out for contacts.

IA Network Board

devin Lally

Devin Lally

Board Chair

University of Cincinnati – Information Systems

vishnu paranandi

Vishnu Paranandi

Internal Communications

University of Chicago – Economics

dominique difalco

Dominique DiFalco

External Communications

University of Cincinnati – Information Systems & Entrepreneurship

Lilian Chow

Lillian Chow

Internal Career Outreach

Ohio State University – Computer & Information Science

katie cavanaugh

Katie Cavanaugh

External Career Outreach

University of Cincinnati – Information Technology