Movie Hacking

School/Organization: INTERalliance

Ever seen a hacker from the movies and TV shows?

For anyone with experience with computers, especially hacking, you will know that this is nothing like how it actually works. That however, doesn’t stop it from looking cool and dramatic. Maybe you have always wanted to look like a movie hacker. Well if so, today is your lucky day!


This is how hackers are often presented in movies and TV shows.

We have put together an activity to teach some basic JavaScript, in which you create a clone of It is recommended that your chapter have some basic experience at least with HTML before hand (maybe some JS as well); however it is not necessary, as everything is laid out and explained in a step-by-step manner.

If this activity looks cool, but you don’t know if your chapter is ready for it, try starting with this free interactive project based web development tutorial from General Assembly.

If this tutorial looks too basic or beginner level for your chapter check out (now part of LinkedIn learning). The best part about this service is that it offers a large variety of courses and tutorials including (but certainly not limited to) web-development. Don’t have a membership? Don’t worry, the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library offers free memberships to every valid library card-holder. If you are not in Hamilton County, your library may also give you access, (check here with your library card number for Ohio) or check with your local library in other states.

Hopefully you found these resources useful. If you need help with anything or have any questions feel free to contact the chapters team,