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Congratulations and good luck to the 2019 Graduates!  INTERalliance is so proud of you!!


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INTERalliance Brings Innovative Tech Competitions to Cincinnati Schools

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We had the great pleasure of announcing the MAX Scholar Winner!! Congratulations Titus Moore!!

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MAX Scholar Award Announced!!, MAX Technical Training

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To engineer and execute experiences designed to inspire young talent to pursue a career in the Greater Cincinnati IT industry.

Our Vision

We believe that by partnering with the region’s businesses and high schools to execute a diverse portfolio of technology events, Cincinnati will create a thriving pool of IT talent by retaining its top talent.

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TechOlympics was a great experience for me because of all of the new things I learned and the people I met. All of the breakout sessions allowed me to explore new technology from various professionals. Competing against other schools pushed me to attend as many events as I could. TechOlympics was a fantastic experience and I look forward to going again this year.

Michael Kaltman, Lakota East High School

I attended the INTERalliance Careers Camp this past summer at the University of Cincinnati and loved every minute of it. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, however it was an experience that changed my life. I got the opportunity to visit amazing work environments at the forefront of innovation and work with incredibly smart people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. ITCC introduced me to a world of technology that I did not know existed. Because of it and ILC I aspire to major in IT at UC.

Emily Kiehl, Loveland High School

INTERalliance provided me with the opportunity to work in a real business professional environment, working in a group of interns that had the same ultimate goal given to us by our manager. Working a nine to five hour work day gave me a perspective on what it was like working at a multimillion dollar company like Great American Insurance. I expanded my knowledge on programming languages as well as communication etiquette by introducing myself to the CEO of Great American. Overall, the internship program has given me experience that no other organization can give to a junior in high school.

Amy Huang, William Mason High School

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